It's a Great Pleasure to Join the HealthCentral Migraine Community

  • Hello, HealthCentral migraine community! It is a great pleasure to become part of the team alongside some of my friends like Teri Robert and Rob Nicholson. I hope I can be helpful with content and answering questions, but I am also looking forward to learning from you all.


    Here's my background. I went to medical school at West Virginia University, then did my residency and headache fellowship at the University of North Carolina. I worked for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in the headache clinic for a few years, then got the opportunity to return to WVU to start the West Virginia University Headache Center. I've now been in full-time headache disorder practice for over 10 years, and I'm certified in Headache Medicine by the UCNS.

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    As a native West Virginian, I have a special interest in underserved rural populations where access to quality headache and migraine care is limited due to expense, distance, culture, and/or other reasons. I'm interested in advocacy, both for patients and providers, and have been involved in Headache on the Hill and Neurology on the Hill. Although research is not a large part of my practice, I appreciate the absolute importance of it, which lead me to create AHMA Runnin' for Research, a 5K run to raise money for headache and migraine research, and recently to create the Hot Wings for Headaches Challenge (#hotwings4headaches).


    I also greatly appreciate patients who are educated about their health issues and work with me (and other doctors) as proactive treatment partners. This is one reason I'm happy to be serving as co-secretary of the American Headache and Migraine Association, the young patient-focused, patient-driven nonprofit organization that's the patient branch of the American Headache Society.


    Thanks for letting me be a part of the HealthCentral team.

    Dave Watson


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Published On: September 05, 2014