A little better today?

Eileen Gray Health Guide
  • Today is a little better - emotion wise - I think. I still feel sad today but I don't think it's as bad as yesterday. Yesterday was bad. I think I am starting to feel better. I've set a date with my husband for tonight. Pizza and a movie. All I want to do is be with someone who loves me - or alone - I can't decide. At least if I have plans with him - he will make me feel better. He was great yesterday. When I got home from work he had gone to the store and gotten one of my favorite candies. (I didn't tell him I'd already had a candy bar at work because my day was crappy! Huh? ) He also said he had gone to the bank to get out the copay I will need for my Dr. appointment on Monday. This is why I love that man! I know it's something so little and trivial - but that made me so happy that he thought that far ahead and took care of that for me.

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    I read some more in my book last night (Living Well with Migraine Disease!) and napped and then went to bed at 9. I guess I needed sleep because I did a lot of it yesterday. Hopefully I'll be back to myself soon. Shawn and I go to the animal shelter tomorrow so that will help me feel better. Seeing all the kitties always makes me happy.

Published On: August 17, 2007