almost normal today!

Eileen Gray Health Guide
  • Head pain completly gone today!!!! Finally after a week of on and off Migraine attacks then rebound headaches, then yesterday with TTH, thank god! Cheesy  I think now the only thing still out of wack is my belly. Still a little off, which could still be the Vicodin? Not sure....But my spirits are better, so that I do blame on the Vicodin. I had my last Orthopedist appointment last night and I've been fully cleared!!! Big Grin  Oddly enough - He asked me if I needed any pain medication - I said in a very stern voice "NO! Let me tell you about my weekend!!!" he said "oh you got addicted" I explained that I personally don't think I was, but my body would disagree with me. I don't think it was good medical practice for this Dr. not to tell me to "taper off" the Vicodin. Mind you my chart stated that  I get migraines, not that he would have known when they would strike and that I would have such a problem, but still, he should have told me. Instead he wanted to give me more - so what that would have been then 120 vicodin in a month? Maybe this guy runs a rehab on the side? I don't know - all I know is I feel better. It was the worst weekend of my life but it's over and I feel like myself (almost) again.

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    And just a side note - I'm half debating calling Aetna (my insurance) and letting them know about this Dr. and his pain meds....or is it just me??

Published On: August 21, 2007