Heck to the yes! Feelin good!

Eileen Gray Health Guide
  • Ok - despite the fact that last night I wacked my head (right in the right temple - OUCH! Cry ) I feel pretty darn good today! Also - factoring in the weather that usually gives me a whopper of a migraine - I'm very surprised! I know the day is young - but finally my stomach is not as ready to turn on me....I think I might me over the hump! (for now, fingers crossed!!) I did take some advil for my little head bump - I think I actually have a bruise! I have to be more careful while turning on the shower! I tried telling my boss that I shouldn't work to to my injury - but she didn't buy it Tongue . I am hoping that the bad "migraine week" is over for everyone! I know there was a lot of talk around the 'ol forum of a bad week and sad moods - I hope everyone is feeling better this week! I think that besides depression, Migraines have to be one of the lonliestĀ medical conditionsĀ a person can go through! I am so happy to have found this forum, and all of you. You guys all make my days better, even when they are blue.
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Published On: August 22, 2007