It's coming

Eileen Gray Health Guide
  • I feel it. I'm trying to ignore it. It's been a week, and of course it is going to strike during my weekend. Of course the one weekend when I have plans to look forward too. My best friend's baby boy is turning one - and I am Auntie Eileen! I have to be there! I can't have an attack - not now - not today - please no!!!!! - I have things to do - gifts to buy, cards to write out - Shawn and I were gonna do "date night" tonight. Go to a nice dinner, maybe a little shopping with our gift cards left from our birthday's.


     Oh no - why now - why. It's been seven days. I can't tell yet if it is sinus or migraine. I am praying for sinus. I'm trying to figure it out before I take something. I had no Aura. Nothing. It feels Migraine - but just a little - so that can be confusing too. Sinus or Migraine? How do I know? I feel it between my eyes - just a little - that's why I think Sinus. Migraine is usually only one side. Be smart Eileen - be smart - you'll figure it out. It's hard though. I'm scared to take anything since last weekend. I had to argue with myself to take advil earlier in the week!

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    I'm giving it an hour. By then I should be able to tell - I hope. I hate this. I really really do.

Published On: August 24, 2007