The book that changed my life - seriously!

Eileen Gray Health Guide
  • For those of you who are new to the forum/site and are coming across this post - this is for you. I just finished reading Teri Robert's book Living Well With Migraine Disease and Headaches. Before I read this book, all I knew about my Migraines is that I got them and I was trying not to. I was taking Topamax (not really sure why, my doctor told me it would help), along with Zomig when I actually got a Migraine attack. This book changed my life. I now know why I get Migraine, that it is a disease, how to go about treating it, and how to get the help I not only need, but that I deserve. I cannot stress enough how important this book has become to me. Even as I write I am welling up thinking of how much it has helped me to understand that not only am I not alone, but there is help out there.

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    I know that if you are coming to this site for the first time, as I once did, you probably feel a little alone, helpless, confused that Migraine has taken away so much of your life. I am here to tell you that with this book, this site and the loving people here, you can regain your life. Everyone here will support you. Everyone here is either going through it or has someone going through it. This site is a great starting point. But I think that if you also pick up Living Well With Migraine Disease - you will not only have an at hand referance, but be able to understand Migraine better, and also yourself.

Published On: August 30, 2007