Ahead for once....Hope it stays this way.

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  • So my husband and I bought our first home on 11/30/06. We got married on 7/4/07. As you can imagine - finances are tight (as I'm sure a lot of you can relate). I am the one who takes care of paying the bills, checking the account and making sure we have what we need.


    I went online this morning to pay our bills. I paid them all. We even have enough to pay our mortgage right now! I don't really know what we've done differently to make this happen, but I love it! I so often feel like we are just getting by, making due. It's nice to feel ahead of the ball for once. I just hope we can keep this up! I'm sure it has to do with the fact both Shawn and I are both getting 5 hours of over-time a week! So what we are dog tired every day! At least we can pay the bills!

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    We are going to start some small fixer-upper stuff around the house. We had gotten some gift cards when we got married for Lowes. We've put ourselves on a 5 year plan. Fix up the house, let the market come back up a bit then sell. We want out of New Jersey. Not that we don't love it here, it is just too crowded, too exspensive and too much work to live here.


    Shawn loves Texas. We are going to take a vacation there in March/April and check out Austin. I think that is where we might move to. The houses are cheaper and the cost of living is lower. He said everyone there is nicer, it's cleaner and not as congested as NJ. I want the american dream. I want the nice house, pool in the backyard. Austin has a pretty good school system from what I've read - and that will be a concideration too - because well - I'm not getting any younger - and 5 years from now - ugh!


    So I guess I was just having a happy morning sitting here, reading the forum, drinking my morning coffee,  paying my bills. And I thought I should write about it. I never get to write about anything happy. So heres to hoping things stay good, not just for me, but for everyone! I wish all of us the best life we can live! We deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Published On: September 08, 2007