Let's go racing.....

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  • Ok, so this past weekend was my big "get outta town" weekend. NASCAR! I know - a little redneck - my friends got me into it. I was excited. I have a driver I route for, Matt Kenseth, because when I started watching races, he drove the Smirnoff Ice car. I like Smirnoff Ice, so I picked him. I know I really got scientific right? Anyway - we were leaving at the crack of dawn on Sat. morning, so of course I was trying to pack and do everything on Friday night. I decided to head off to bed at about 10. I slept from 10 till 12 when my husband came in the room after an extended inning Yankee game.....and I awoke with a migraine. AWESOME!Furious  I had already taken Melatonin that night and figured, it's not that bad so I'll just try and go back to bed...no that was not happening. About a half hour later I was like "forget this" and popped a Frova. The migraine went away - or so I thought.

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    For the next 6 hours - every 20 - 40 minutes I was up getting sick. I have never had this happen before. Usually once the head pain is gone - all other symptoms subside. Not this time. I was so sick I would have guessed food poisoning....if only I had something to blame it onSick .


    So after a lovely night of no sleep and running for the porcelain god every 20 or so.....I got drive 3 hours to Deleware to start my mini vacation!


    I felt better around 6 that morning - and progressivly throughout the day - until the heat. Yep - Topamax + heat = me overheating! I went from zero to overheated in the blink of an eye. I even made sure to drink a lot of water and stay in shade as much as I could.


    It ended up being a fun trip - it just stinks that I couldn't enjoy myself more. I really have to be careful of the heat now. Oh and my driver, Kenseth - had an awesome car - he was doing so well - leading the most laps - I had him in a bet too - I was sure to win! Until his engine blew up 60 laps before the end of the race. Cry


    Oh well - you can't win them all right?! It was a good time, the parts where I wasn't too tired, overheated or cranky. My friends were good, they put up with me - which is a lot since I can be a real crank!


    Now I'm back at work and I feel great - of course now that the vacation is over!!! Roll Eyes

Published On: September 25, 2007