Great eye dr visit!

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  • So I went to the eye doctor on Sat. and it was great! I had a full vision field test, pictures taken of my eye balls to see my optic nerves, and all that jazz. She said there is no swelling of the nerves which is awesome! She said my optic nerves are small, but no need for concern.


    My vision has changed a lot since I last went (2 years ago - I know too long!) My astigmatism is worse in my left eye, as well as vision is a little worse. And in my right, it was just vision that was a little different.


    My eye doctor is trying me in a Tork contact in my left eye and still a regular is needed in my right. I am getting a really hot pair of new glasses (Cynthia Rowley!!!!) And also having lenses put in my driving glasses as well.

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    So with all this - I'm sure now that my vision, looking at a computer all day long could have been some of what I thought was unexplained migraine activity. I guess I'll have to see once my scripts are all in and I try out my new contacts/glasses. I sure hope they make a difference.


    I'm seeing my Neuro and OB/GYN at the end of the month. I'm still going to talk to the Neuro about an LP and to my OB about a different birth control pill. At least I am narrowing now some possibilites now though!!!!


    To Teri and Nancy - Thank you so much for the push to make my eye appointments and start on this road of research! It means the world to me to have you guys - and the rest of the forum in my corner! You are the best and I thank you!Big Grin



Published On: October 01, 2007