Happy the week is over!

Eileen Gray Health Guide
  • As most of you may know - I get very bad migraines during my "time of the month". Well that was this week. It was every...single...day!!! My head is still trying to recover.


    Most of my migraines are on the right side and this time, maybe because I got so many right on top of each other, plus I was extreemly careful not to use too much Frova to end up in rebound, I still have a weird ache there. It's in the back of my head, right at the base of my skull, about 3 inches directly back from my right ear. It's like "over worked" feeling. It feels a little "poppy" if I move a certain way and it sends a shooting "migraine type" pain to my eye in an instant!

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    This has happend twice this week. I just think it's odd because I've never had it happend before. I know it's also a possibility I pulled something and it's just compounding the problem. I just find it strange.....Anyone else ever have this happen to them after a wild and crazy migraine string?


    I start my Pill again tonight.....so I'm praying to get through today without a big M - then hopefully I should be ok for a while.


    I picked up my new glasses and contacts yesterday. Wow - I have not worn glasses in so long! I felt like I had vertigo when I first put them on! I've been a contact girl the last couple years...but now with so many migraines, I don't wear them as often. The glasses look great and plus they put new lenses in my driving glasses (I have night blindness). I have my lenses tinted at a 30% yellow - this really cuts the glare on driving at night when those cars come at you or when it's raining and it looks like everything is twinkling....highly recommened if you have a problem seeing at night!! Ask your eye doctor about it - it's the best thing I ever did!!!!!


    Anyway - enough of my rambling - I'm off to feed the lonely cats and dogs of Hopatcong NJ, then it's home to rake leaves!!!!


    Hope y'all are having a great fall weekend!!!!!

Published On: October 14, 2007