So today is the day

Eileen Gray Health Guide
  • Today is the day. I have my first visit with a headache specialist. Before now, I was just seeing a neurologist. I feel comfortable making the switch to a specialist at this time. I feel at the "end of my rope" at the moment.


    It's funny, I'm excited and nervous at the same time, and my body knows it. I have butterflies like it's the first day of a new job or school all over again! I have all my info - I'm prepared and ready to go.


    I am hoping that this guy (I'll tell you all who depending on if I like him or not) is the one that I will be able to have a good patient/doctor relationship with and really get some help from.

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    I will let you all know how it goes either later today or tomorrow!


    We (DH and I) are going to look at a new car tonight as well. The car we got just 3 months ago is a money pit and we are looking to get rid of it ASAP.


    Wish me luck!!!!


Published On: October 25, 2007