The light is very dim today

Eileen Gray Health Guide
  • I am having a really hard time today. I am working on my third consecutive day with a migraine. It's a different one so it's not SM, thank god it's not that! I am starting to get depressed. I hope it's almost over. I am at work and I just want to cry. I feel like my whole world has been in upheave the last couple of months. Between the migraines, my job and the doctors that are  not listening to me....I am at my wits end!


    I am going to dinner at my In-Laws tonight. DH's favorite aunt is up from Florida. He has not seen her in 4 years. I just want to go home and sleep. I made a cheesecake for the event. In the midst of making it, my mixer broke. The hits just keep on coming!

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    I keep trying to call this new place for an appointment - I am getting nowhere! I finally got a human on the phone and all he did was transfer me back to the voicemail that I've already left 4 msgs on in the last 3 weeks.


    I really need off the Topamax. It's not working. I may just go back to my PCP and have him script me a new preventive while I wait to find a new specialist. I can't keep living like this!


    I hope the weekend is better. I just want to chill. I feel so stressed out by migraine and my job. I'm being pulled every which way and I can't do it anymore.


    Thanks for listening.

Published On: November 09, 2007