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  • So the upped Topamax is not working,which is no surpise for me, I didn't expect it to. I am trying to get into a headache clinic, but can't seem to make an appointment....


    Since I fired my neuro and the last headache specialist I saw, I'm kinda out of options right now - so I called my PCP for now since he was the one to orig. diagnosed me. I see him next week. I need off this Topa! It is not helping and I am now out of Frova - so I'm going to get samples. I am on my second day with a migraine (seperate one, not the same).


    Hopefully he will switch me off the Topamax onto something else and give me some triptans and also muscle relaxers. Oh and please, I need some anti nausea meds! I can't deal with this anymore! I used to get more migraines in the summer, but I think winter is going to be giving summer a run for her money this year....oh wait it's  not winter yet, no one told mother nature!

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    So that's my story for today......I'll let ya know what changes next week!

Published On: November 16, 2007