Getting back to myself

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  • Man what a week it's been! I have been suffering so much this week! I had a whopper of a Migraine on Monday. Tuesday came and went and was ok, then came Wednesday - and the pain has not stopped since.


    I took a Frova on Weds - it aborted my migraine, or so I thought - but not for long. Mr.Migraine came back within 2 hours. Furious  And the down side - I was out of Frova! It was mild though - came back at about a 2.


    Woke up Thursday - Mr. Migraine still was not done. He kicked it up a bit adding in some little extra Sick  when my wonderful co-workers decided to wear nasty perfume and then to top things off cook fish for lunch - double SickSick .

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    I sat at my desk asking the migraine gods to have mercy on me - I had no drugs left - I took a Skelaxin - the only thing I had. I didn't want to take a Tigan since I have not tried it yet and I didn't know how it would effect me.


    Depression started to kick in. I start feeling like it's never going to end. I start getting snippy with DH because he doesn't fully understand. I mean he does but he doesn't. I cry Cry .


    I wake up today - ITS - STILL - THERE! I'm thinking ER but the only thing holding me back is that it's at about a 3/4 and I think the ER people will think I'm nuts for not being in dire need of help since I am not in "the worst headache ever" since I've been in more pain before. I'm just getting scared because it's now been 3 days of this.


    Then when all hope is lost - I find it - the last Zomig I have - the one I saved "in case of emergency, break glass - Zomig!" Cheesy


    I stopped taking Zomig because of the side effects, but at this point, whatever! I take it and enjoy the feeling of it dissolving in my mouth, knowing relief may soon be in sight.


    2 hours pass - I think I may be returning to myself now. The head pain is gone, but I have some muscle tightness as a side effect from the Zomig. I can deal with that! I'm just happy my head doesn't hurt!


    Now all I have to do is deal with the rest of my postdrome day. I feel the gray clouds are lifting a bit. I feel the sunshine is peaking back into the dark corners of my cobwebbed brain.


    My reward for this is going out to dinner with DH tonight. We bought our first home a year ago today - so we feel why not use it as a time to celebrate, right?! We've made 12 mortgage payments! Woohoo!


    I am so glad the weekend is almost here. I am only 5 hours away and it really can't come soon enough! I hear tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice. I think we are going to do some Christmas shopping and get our tree - which I LOVE decorating!

    I just hope our kitten doesn't love undecorating! It's his first Christmas!


    Enjoy your weekend everyone! I hope it's a pain free one!

Published On: November 30, 2007