WooHoo! and a YeHah Too!

Eileen Gray Health Guide
  • I am so excited! I have just broken my migraine streak! I have now, as of today, gone through 6 full days migraine free! I have not been migraine free for this long in over a year!!! I am so happy!


    And to top it off - this is usually the worst week of all - ya know what I mean girls - but since I started Jolessa - I have no period this week - so - so far - no menstrual migraines! Another WooHoo! I can't believe I am half way through what is usually my worst week of the month and so far I'm in the clear! I am so super excited.


    I like to celebrate the victories - because they are few. And this my friends, is a big victory for me! Big Grin

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Published On: December 05, 2007