Searching for answers....and triggers...

Eileen Gray Health Guide
  • So I have to say, I'm happy Christmas is over. Not for the reasons most would expect, but because I feel like I've been nonstop migraining since Friday.


    I'm trying to figure out what's different. I know one thing. Pork. Yep, I said it PORK!!!! It is one of my biggest triggers. But I love it and sometimes I just can't say no. What's interesting is that since I've been on Topamax, for some unknown reason, pork was no longer a trigger for me. Maybe I just had too much? Over indulged in the glory of the holiday? Maybe because I had a little bit every day and I usually only have a little on the weekends. Cut me a break! It's the holiday!!!!!!!!

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    So I think that is the culprit, but I'm not 100%. I also had some red wine. Yeah, I know I'm just batting 1,000, right. What is the saying? I'm a glutten for punishment? That's me!


    I had the start of a migraine on Friday. I went full blown on Saturday, Sunday I was o.k. Monday I woke at 3 a.m. with one....I think the migraine woke me because it wasn't Santa! Yesterday I felt the start of one and popped a Frova just to cover all bases before heading out for Christmas dinner....and drinks of course!!!!!


    Today I'm feeling o.k. I'm tired as all get out, but my head feels good. So I'm wondering....was it the pork? Wine? Weather? Stress? All of it together just stacked up those nasty little triggers into a few bad days?


    Maybe I'll never know since I just went overboard (as of course I believe we should!) over the holiday! Maybe I have new triggers and don't even know it and need to watch more closely.


    Who knows. All I know is Christmas is over and my head is back to normal. Now onto New Years! Cheesy

Published On: December 26, 2007