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  • You know, with all this stuff in the news about Britney Spears - It has really made me sad, mad, frustrated, annoyed, and I'm sure much more. The girl obviously has some problems. Why is it that we the general public feel the need to know everything that is going on with her? I mean, I'm just as guilty, but in a different way then maybe most. I'm sure alot of you are too.


    Let me explain. If I had someone following me, taking my picture, asking me questions everytime I left my home, I wouldn't like it very much. Add to that a migraine - no way! This poor young girl obviously has some mental issues she needs to take care of, and it seems like everyone in her life just sells her out! Her parents even had Dr. Phil come to the hospital to try and "help her" when all it really is for is a big paycheck for them.

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    How dare they! No one in her family can see past the all mighty dollar long enough to actually HELP - I think this girl really needs a friend and what she is getting is made to be a fool by people who are supposed to love her.


    I'm not saying she is perfect - no one is - but where is the compassion? The respect? I mean if my mom called Dr. Phil I would freak out!


    These people are not only endangering her life, but the life of her children. Britney is obviously not stable - they should be standing by her, not trying to knock her down!


    I am sorry this is happening to her, it must be so horrible. It must be a horrible feeling to not know what is going on in your head and then have to deal with people following her every move and selling her out at every corner. Again, I'm not saying she is innocent in this, but she is sick. And it should be up to the people who love her to be taking care of her, not looking for a paycheck.


    I really hope she gets the help she needs.


    I really hope she finds a friend.


    I know it must feel so lonely out there for her.

Published On: January 07, 2008