How far do I have to go?

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  • As some of you who frequent the forum may know, I've been dealing with an issue at work. There is an employee in my office who wears perfume that is a very big trigger for me.


    I have spoken with her about this, my boss has discussed this with her at length. Yesterday, she wore it again. This was the second time this week. I have now popped a Frova again this morning to get rid of a migraine that was triggered yesterday from said perfume.


    I don't know what else I have to do to get through to my office how difficult this is for me. I offered to share the nice letter Teri wrote for people who "don't get it" and I was told to put that on the back burner for now.

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    Another statement that was made was "well as long as you have your Frova". Um, no. I should NOT have to come into an enviroment that is triggering my migraines on purpose when I have to earn a living. I also should not have to rely on my medications to live when it is something that can be avoided all together. Why should I have to be in pain in the first place? Do these people want to start paying my out of pocket expenses when I max out on my Frova for the month because someone just has to wear perfume? Is it fair that I have to suffer everyday or even possibly take MY time off because someone else is triggering my neurological disorder? I don't think it is.


    I am at a loss at what else I can do and still be nice about this. I am hoping that the discussion yesterday between this girl and my boss finally puts an end to the issue, but what if it doesn't? Then what?


    This has been counter active to my treatment. I was finally in a good place with my treatment. Everything was working well, for the most part. I was getting almost 20 days in a row migraine free, the best I had gotten in about 3 years, and now I'm back to 3 to 4 a week. It's just not fair.


    How far do I have to go?

Published On: May 02, 2008