I think the perfume issue is handled

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  • For those of you who have been following my perfume issue at work, I think it's finally handled. The situation reached it's breaking point last week when my boss was on vacation. Perfume girl wore perfume three times that week. The first day I didn't say anything, thinking it's Tuesday, coming off of a long weekend, she probably just forgot. Then Wednesday happend and I spoke with my supervisor about it.


    My supervisor spoke with perfume girl and the girl said "MM, Sorry" kinda relayed back to me as if she was not so nice about it, which of course made the situation that much more tense. I ended up with a full blown migraine Weds. because of it. The migraine would not fully abort and was almost gone on Friday when I smelled the wretched smell again.

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    I went to my supervisor, now hysterical because I'm feeling like this girl is being spiteful and unkind. I told my supervisor I'm leaving. I am not going to wait to be in pain, which I know will happen from her perfume. I went home. Perfume girl stated she was not wearing the perfume that day, but I later found out she was wearing the same sweater from earlier in the week from when she was wearing it. Yell


    My boss came back on Tuesday this week, I had spoken with her by phone on Monday and let her know what was going on. She said Perfume Girl feels like I'm attacking her personally and that it's about more then the perfume. OK now I'm like whatever. She said perfume girl is ready to quit. She also said that if she wears it again, she will send her home. She asked me if I would be willing to talk to her, since I'm sure you all know what it's like working with a bunch of women, or just with different people....the day gets boring, people tend to gossip or throw in their two cents.


    So Tuesday I take perfume girl outside and lay it on the line with her. I tell her I'm sorry I did not come to her personally about the perfume, but that I thought it was taken care of 3 months ago when I emailed her about it, which is why I then was contacting higher ups. I also explained that I was so angry that even when she was not wearing the perfume, I didn't want to talk to her because I thought she was being spiteful, and that when she was wearing it, I couldn't go near her anyway!


    She said her course schedule at school had changed and out of habit of putting on the perfume before school she was putting it on (she was going to school after work, this changed and now she is going before). I understand this. It's different, I think for people who are not as senstive to these things. Wearing perfume for her won't land her in the hospital like it may for us. I explained that to her, that her perfume has given me such bad migraines, that I was only hours away from status migrainous and would have to seek medical attention.


    She said she has given the perfume to her sister and will no longer be wearing it. I really thanked her for that.


    The irony of the situation is, the perfume is Calvin Klein Euphoria.....my husband wears the male version which I bought him for christmas. For some reason, on this girl, it just doesn't mix well with her body chemisty and smells like medicine and causes me to migraine. I found that very strange. I would have thought the perfume would have been either an oil or a cheap drug store kind, by the way it filled the whole room.


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    Either way, I think the situation has been taken care of. I thought you all would want to know.


    I thank you for all of your encouragement and advise through out this matter. Smile

Published On: June 06, 2008