Update from Boston!

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  • As I'm sure you all know, I was super excited to be able to accompany Teri on this trip to Boston for the 50th Annual American Headache Society conference. We arrived yesterday, but the conference itself didn't get going until today.


    Let me just tell you what we did. We woke up and got down to a breakfast satellite symposium at - 6 am!  It was called Brains, Sex Hormones & Women: Neural Mechanisms of Migraine. It was about the role of hormones in Migraine and menstrually related Migraine (also keep an eye out for Teri's article on this coming in the next few weeks). It was really good and worth the getting up early for. And guess what? We are going to do it again tomorrow and Saturday!

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    Dr. Sheftell

    It has been just a joy being here. So far I've met Dr. Lipton, Dr. Sheftell (pictured above), Dr. Loder, Dr. Krusz, Dr. Young, Dr. Silberstein Dr. Ravishankar, Dr. Robert Shapiro (of the AHDA), and so many more!!! Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. These doctors are just as excited and happy to be here as I am! It's so nice to hear the conversations they have where they ask each others opinions on Migraine and how they are treating the patients they see. There is a real sense of respect, community and comradery here with these doctors. They respect each other's work and also feel the works of patient advocates are just as important.


    Tomorrow is another day. I can't wait to see what it brings. I feel I've already learned so much, and to think this is only the first day - there are three days left!

Published On: June 26, 2008