A Drug Holiday

Eileen Gray Health Guide
  • I went to my neurologist last week and we decided I would go on a drug holiday. It sounds much more glamorous than it really is.


    Enter - daily migraines! I was doing well while on the Topamax and Amitriptyline, but there were some side effects that I could no longer deal with.


    From the Topamax, I got side effects consisting of: no libido, overheating and not being able to sweat. We have an article about Topamax and the sweating side effect.


    And from the Amitriptyline I had the even more lovely side affects of: an even lower libido then just the Topamax alone, weight gain, and uncontollable twitching at night. The twitching one drove my husband crazy, (then again so did the no libido! Undecided)

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    I have been off of all my preventive medications now since 7/1/08. I go back to my neurologist on 8/19/08. We are thinking my next preventive will be Wellbutrin.


    Since going off my preventives, I have had about 6 Migraines and 4 Tension Type Headaches. I just keep telling myself this is not perminent. I WILL find the preventive that is right for me. I know it may be a very long road of trial and error, but I WILL keep trying.

Published On: July 23, 2008