06/18/07 #9 - How much can sinuses and migraines be linked?

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    How much can sinuses and migraines be linked? It seems like every time the weather warms up and my sinuses act up, so do my migraines although I also linked my sinus surgery to my migraines because I didn't start getting migraines until after I had my first sinus surgery and after that nothing helps them. Melissa.



    Dear Melissa;

    Research has shown that so-called “sinus” headaches are, more likely than not, Migraines. Like many people, headaches can onset after a facial surgery. But, your observation may be just a red herring. Is there a family history of Migraine? Many Migraines are indeed seasonal in nature which causes people to sometimes blame the “sinus” condition. On the other hand, many Migraine sufferers have nasal symptoms during the Migraine process: runny, stuffed nose, tearing, increased symptoms in the fall and spring. A trial of a migraine-specific agent like a triptan may prove enlightening.

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    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: June 17, 2007