06/25/07 #8 - Barometric Pressure and Migraines?

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    I have had a problem for the last few years. We think its related to Barometric Pressure. I live in Florida and we just started rainy season. Every year around this time I get neck pain, pressure in my ears, headache, sinus pressure and my equilibrium is off. I feel like a wibble. If I close my eyes I lose my balance immediately. To much stimulation makes it worse. Also loud sounds. It takes me a lot longer to do anything during these times. I just want to fall down. I want to know if this might be considered a migraine or something else. My husband nor I ever thought about it being a migraine until we did some research on the internet recently that correlated low barometric pressure and migraines. I must have not found the right doctor because every test I have been through says they can not find anything. I am open to suggestions and alternatives. Thank you, Stephanie.

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    Dear Stephanie;

    Barometric pressure-sensitive headaches and migraines (and pain disorders) are quite common. The trick is to treat in advance of your headache actually coming on. You didn't mention where in Florida you live, so it's hard to suggest a headache specialist, but there a few. Tests are usually negative, which is reassuring. The ticket is appropriate treatment strategies.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: June 25, 2007