06/25/07 #6 - Abdominal Migraine, loss of use of legs?

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    My son has been diagnosed with abdominal migraines.  When he has a bad attack he looses the use of his legs temporarily until the migraine goes away.  Our neurologist has done numerous test to find out what may be causing his legs to go out but all the test come back ok (See tests below)  Do you know what could be causing this & what to do next?

    The following test were done and came back ok - MRI spine, CAT of brain, sonogram of stomach, tube down the throat (don't know the name of the test), EKG, sticky plateletts test, colon & digestive tests by a gastrologist. Mrs. D.

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    Dear Mrs. D.;

    It's possible that your son's legs are "going out" is an actual Migraine symptom. You don't say if they go out due to motor weakness or paralysis, but either can be from Migraine. That said, the symptoms of abdominal Migraines do NOT include motor weakness or paralysis. The ONLY type of Migraine that applies to is hemiplegic Migraines. Please see Hemiplegic Migraine – the Basics for more information about hemiplegic Migraines. You might also benefit from reading about abdominal Migraines in Abdominal Migraine, the Basics.

    Only a doctor who is caring for your son can determine if he needs more testing, but I can tell you that about the only tests that might show anything would be an MRA to take a better look at the arteries in the brain and an MRV to look at the veins. They're seldom performed unless there is reason to think there's something amiss with the blood vessels. Typically, the tests your son has had done are negative in Migraineurs. There is no diagnostic test to confirm a diagnosis of Migraine.

    The best advice we can offer is to take your son to an actual Migraine specialist. Neurologists are not necessarily Migraine specialists. In fact, I wonder why your son's current neurologist hasn't mentioned the possibility of the issue with his legs being part of his Migraine. You didn't say how old your son is, so I don't know if you'll need to look for a pediatric Migraine specialist or not. We have a directory of patient recommended specialists, and you’ll find a link to it below.

    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: June 25, 2007