7/2/07 #9 - Acupuncture and other alternative treatments for Migraine?

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    I have been having migraines since age 11. I am now 35. I am in the process of looking for a new neurologist due to a move from another state. I get migraines on a daily basis. 4 years ago my migraines left me paralyzed on my right hand side and unable to speak for approximately 6-8 hrs. The ER called it a TIA. I am extremely agitated and sensitive to noise. My previous neurologist treated me with Calan and a combination of Aleve and Phenergan. That reduced the frequency of my migraines a lot. I am a little concerned about taking all these medications though for possibly the rest of my life. What is your thought on acupuncture and any other "alternative" treatment for these migraines? Can the acupuncture work on it's own or do I need to combine with some medication? Thank you kindly.

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    Dear Sufferer;

    Calcium channel blockers and antiemetics can be great treatments for the devastating symptoms of Migraines. I'm not sure about the Aleve, as it can cause gastric upset. Rarely, I've had success with primarily acupuncture, usually in conjunction with lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, tai chi, meditation). Rather than focusing on the need for "medications", I'd suggest seeing them as biochemical tools, which they are.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: July 02, 2007