7/2/07 #3 - Going to a clinic for ten years with no luck. Suggestions?

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    I have had migraines and headaches for 32 years and I go to the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. I have been going for ten years and we have had no luck. I have many allergies or side effect issues. I think my DR does not know quite what to do with me. I cannot do any of the triptans, I watch my diet closely. I know when I am rebounding from my Lorcet, so I take nothing. I get two-three migraines a week and carry about a 7 in pain level the rest of the time. He finally decided to put me on an OxyContin daily but that increased the pain (thank goodness) then he decided methadone which I took for a few months and then took myself off of it with his permission. I am on no abortives due to the fact we has exhausted all of them. I am fifty-two with a wonderful husband and 7 grandchildren which I would like to have a life with. Any suggestions I would be happy to discuss with my DR. He did give me protocol for Demerol at the ER only. I did have an experience with a physician who called me a liar and threw the protocol script back at me and gave me morphine which is at the top of my allergies list. Terrible experience! Thank you for any input you can give me with out knowing my allergy history.  Vicki.

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    Dear Vicki;

    I guess I could be glib and say have your Dr call me, but that is not the purpose of this column. Since I know all of the doctors at the DHC, that would be unfair or too aggressive or presumptuous. I think that when I get into a bind or a no-win situation with a patient, I think of getting a consult from any number of colleagues around the country who specialize in headache. After 10 tears or more it may be time for a second opinion.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: July 02, 2007