7/23/07 #10 - Neck injury making Migraines worse?

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    I was diagnosed with Migraines back in 1991 and they have increasingly gotten worse. In Sept. I had a box fall on my head at work and was told I had a herniated disk between C-5/C-6. I went to another Doctor and he said I have Degenerative Disk Disease. Since injuring my neck, I have had progressively worse Migraines and can't sleep because of the pain in my neck. I want to know if due to the neck injury, could this be causing the Migraines to be worse? If so how much more could this be affecting it? I know the lack of sleep is definitely a factor. Dawn.



    Dear Dawn;

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    Your questions are right on point. Headaches of cervical (neck) origin often are associated with neck trauma and resulting disc problems. They can have all of the features of "regular" Migraines, and can definitely worsen after a neck injury. Sleep can also be disrupted, as in your situation. Creating a sound sleep is a prime way to help the headache pattern, although acute headaches have to still be treated as they arrive. Do your headaches respond to "triptans", which are Migraine-specific medications? Ask your doctor, or better yet, seek out a headache specialist. There's a link below to help you locate one.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


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Published On: July 23, 2007