7/23/07 #7 - Was assured Migraines would stop after birth of daughter?

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    I started with migraines whilst having my first daughter. The aura was accompanied by pain. I had a few of them but they cleared up after the birth of my daughter and only came back severely whilst having my second daughter. This time they were in cluster and would last on and off for up to two weeks then disappear for a few weeks. I was assured they would disappear after the birth. However 7 months later and they have returned chronically after a 3 month break. I am worried that I have a brain tumor although multiple doctors have tried to allay my fears. I am totally neurotic now and constantly looking for the zig-zag line, this latest episode has happened three times this week with the aura returning three times on the same day. Do you have any advice? My father also suffered with them in is thirties. Thank you, Totally Neurotic Now.

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    Dear Totally Neurotic Now;


    First of all, a family history of migraines is reassuring. A comfort level. That the doctors told you the headache would disappear after giving birth is sometimes misguided wishful thinking. Brain tumors can be ruled with an MRI scan of the brain. Some folks have more aura than headache. This pattern even has some promising treatments. I would treat the headaches as migraines and go from there. A Migraine specialist would be a tremendous help to you.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


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Published On: July 23, 2007