8/6/07 #1 - Must triptans be kept in blister packaging?

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    I often have trouble opening the packaging on my triptans at the beginning of a migraine. I would suspect that this is not uncommon amongst Migraineurs. Figuring out how to open the Frova packaging often is frustrating, and takes quite a bit of time- especially when my coordination is not exactly at its best (due to the migraine). Peeling the protective covering is sometimes close-to-impossible, and I usually wind up attacking the packaging with a sharp object to remove the pill from the packaging.

    I was wondering if the medicine would be harmed if it was to be stored in a normal medicine bottle- in other words- taken out of the blister pack and protective individual packaging ahead of time, and placed into the aforementioned pill bottle.

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    I'd love to be able to do this preparatory de-packaging, but obviously, I would only do so if I knew that the medicine would remain safe, and not become degraded by the process.

    Thanks in advance for your answer! Jamie.


    Dear Jamie;

    I think it would be fine to remove the medication and place it in a Rx bottle before you need it. It doesn't affect the efficacy or safety of the med. I often tell patients to keep little-used meds in the freezer (tablet and capsules==Note: there is no such thing as a "pill"!), as they will keep well for 30 or more years in that environment.

    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: August 06, 2007