8/20/07 #7 - Five-year-old son who throws up once a month for 12-24 hours?

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    I have a five-year-old son who throws up once a month for 12 hours sometimes 24. He has done it since birth, and as he has gotten older he now tells me he is dizzy and with in 10 minutes starts to vomit. He has been to many doctors and has had an MRI. They can find nothing. This happens once a month like clock work. What questions should I ask him to find out if it is Migraines? Thank you, Concerned mother, Donna.





    Dear Donna;


    What has your doctor said about this all this time? Count on your observations as well as what your son tells you, and take him back to the doctor with his answers and your observations. Children sometimes have "abdominal Migraines," which present more with vomiting and stomach ache than head pain. Often, they have no head pain at all. They usually want a dark, quiet place to sleep when they have an episode. So, ask if his tummy aches, if the lights are too bright, if he'd like things quieter; but before you do that, observe him to see what he does on his own. Even at his age, you can often tell as much by observation as questions. For more information about abdominal Migraine, see Abdominal Migraine - the Basics.

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    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


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Published On: August 20, 2007