9/3/07 #10 - Whiplash without accident? Cause of Migraines?

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    My son who is now 29 has suffered with migraines since he was 9 years old. Recently he went to a chiropractor for an unrelated issue, but was told that his neck x-ray looked as if he had a whiplash. He has never been in an accident.


    Can a child get whiplash or be born with whiplash and no one know it or notice it? Also, could this possible be the cause of his migraines? He vomits with his migraines and becomes bedridden. His doctor gives him a shot when one comes on. He is on Topamax also. His dad suffered from the same type of migraines, but he is deceased now and we do not know if he had the same whiplash problem. Any insight you can give us on this problem will be greatly appreciated. Shelley.

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    Dear Shelley;


    Some practitioners (allopaths, osteopaths and chiropractors) feel they have to formulate a "solution" for the clinical problem that patients bring with them.


    However, many Migraines are accompanied by a phase of neck tightness or spasm, and X-rays can show a straightening of the normal curvature in the neck area. Some people just have a straighter cervical segment on X-ray as well. This may be what the chiropractor is referring to as the look of a "whiplash". In any case, your son may be having Migraines that well may be treatable by today's migraine-specific medications, called triptans -- Imitrex Maxalt, Zomig, etc.. Topamax can act as a suppressor of chronic migraines.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


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Published On: September 03, 2007