9/10/07 #2 - Topamax not working, no specialist in my area?

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    I have suffered with migraines for years. last year I went to a neurologist, who ran tests and took many x-rays of my head and neck. He started me on Topamax, and months later, my headaches were worse. I quit taking the drug and they started easing off from every day to once a week. Now I only take Maxalt when I have a headache. Mine are in my sinus area only and I smell an odor that smells like ozone. I will have a migraine for 3 or 4 days straight. If it gets too bad, I go to the doctor and get shots. I cannot find a headache specialist in my area. I don't think my neurologist knows what to do for me now!

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    What are my options? Charlotte.





    Dear Charlotte;


    Have you tried any preventives other than Topamax? Your neurologist may have run out of ideas, but believe me when I say you have MANY other options. There are currently over 100 medications that can be used for Migraine and headache prevention. You can find a list of them in our article,  Headache and Migraine Preventives - It's Impossible to Have Tried Everything!


    It can be difficult when there's no specialist in your area. We have patients who drive for hours or even fly to visit specialists. They find it pays off very well when their Migraines are controlled better.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


    If you need to find a headache and Migraine specialist, please see our listing of patient recommended specialists.



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Published On: September 09, 2007