9/17/07 #2 - Beta blocker for prevention impacting GERD?

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    I am a long-term migraine sufferer with a genetic history from my father. I have been tried on Topamax which made me feel awful. Recently I was tried on Inderal which was like a miracle, I had immediate and nearly complete relief (I went from about 20 migraines a month to 2).


    HOWEVER, after taking 120 mg for a month my GERD got much, much worse, to the point where the Prilosec I take did not work at all. I cut down to 60 mg daily, but still had stomach trouble. I am wondering if you have any information, or ideas for getting information, on whether there is another beta blocker which does not have this side effect. I am devastated that I had such wonderful relief and am now back to many, many migraines. The research I was able to find suggested that Calcium channel blockers are actually worse for GERD. Thanks for telling me all you know! Kate.

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    Dear Kate;


    Unfortunately, trial and error must usually be employed to answer such questions since everyone's body can react so differently to medications. We've had some success with metoprolol/Toprol (another beta blocker) not causing as much gastric upset, particularly the extended-release tablets. The response to calcium channel blockers can vary significantly as well. If you choose to try one of them, verapamil is a good choice to discuss with your doctor.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


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Published On: September 16, 2007