10/15/07 #3 - How to approach Migraine and cardiac appointment?

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    I've made an appointment to see a neurologist for further treatment of my migraines but also for my inappropriate sinus tachycardia IST (fast heart rate originating from the sinus gland which is the natural pacemaker of the heart) which is not only seen as a cardiac condition but also a disorder of the autonomic nervous system. Apparently this neurologist specialises in autonomic system disorders.

    Anyhow unfortunately IST is not well known so is often mistaken for anxiety and often if a doctor feels you have anxiety they won't look into migraines or anything really. So I'm concerned that when I get to this appointment in August that I may be refused treatment as I have been by 2 cardiologists hence the reason to try the neuro for both conditions.

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    Firstly do you have any suggestions on how I can approach this appointment so that I've got maximum chance of being taken seriously.

    Secondly do you feel that it would be a good strategy to phone the receptionist and offer to fax through past neuro letter for previous migraine treatment, CT scan and in relation to the IST past ECGs and so forth with a covering letter outlining what I'm seeking treatment for?

    Thirdly would citing having more job options if I get treatment as I would be able to work longer hours as well having generally a fuller life be a good reason for justifying treatment. Also would dressing in a suit or something help the situation. And mentioning what I've done in the past to help myself.

    Cheers, DJ.





    Dear DJ;


    Perhaps bringing in data you’ve looked up on the Internet regarding autonomic instability and cardiac issues might help the situation. If the neurologist specializes in autonomic nervous system disorders, he/she should be sensitive to this. I do think bringing the data with you is essential when seeing a new physician. Your productivity is very important and that should be factored into any treatment strategy, but I’m not sure about the suit.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


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Published On: October 15, 2007