10/22/07 #1 - Migraine, dizziness, and motion sickness?

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    Ever since I was a kid, I used to suffer with motion sickness, and I was very sensitive to light, sounds, and smells.


    For the past 4 years I have been experiencing migraines that have more of a component of dizziness than headaches. In the morning the dizziness is stronger, and as the day goes by, I start feeling stiffness and pain in the back of my neck accompanied by throbbing headache towards the evening. The dizziness is mostly felt right above my eyes. I feel tired and weak, quite often I feel some numbness in my fingers. I have been diagnosed with a very mild heart murmur before. The highest number of my blood pressure is usually ok, but the low number is high for my age. I am 36, and a typical blood pressure is 120/90. I am otherwise healthy, and I am not overweight.

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    The dizziness has caused anxiety and in some cases, panic attacks while driving. I have no problem going to sleep, but wake up around 4am every morning systematically. I have tried beta blockers, Topamax, Effexor, Lyrica. None of them have helped with the dizziness, and have had ugly side effects. I think I am very sensitive to preventive medications. Aleve will help a little, as does putting something cold on my forehead. But the dizziness is always there, and has decreased my quality of life considerably. I would sincerely appreciate any advice. Thank you for your time and help, Mauricio.





    Dear Mauricio;


    Migraineurs often have a history of motion sickness, intolerance to motion or amusement park rides. Dizziness often accompanies Migraines as well. The symptoms you describe are all compatible with chronic Migraines. I would urge you to seek out a Migraine and headache expert for advice on other suppressive treatments, as there are many. I would focus on your sleep quality as that often has tremendous implications for the Migraine pattern and its accompanying symptoms.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


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Published On: October 22, 2007