11/5/07 #3 - Migraine pattern changing. Perimenopause? Preventives?

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    I've been having migraines for many years now and have had a couple of bouts of treatment with Inderal which has reduced them. I'm now 45 1/2 and have noticed the past couple of months the pattern has changed from having at least one on and off migraine for a couple of days per week to fortnight (which can be controlled through analgesics). However, now the pattern has changed to nearly a week of on and off migraines a few days before my menstrual period.

    • Could this be a sign of upcoming peri/menopause? (I'm going to ask for blood tests to see if I am going into menopause)
    • If this is part of peri/menopause how would that alter the types of preventatives prescribed?

    Thanks, DJ.

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    Dear D.J.;


    Your story is very compatible with the pattern one can see in the perimenopausal state in women. You should get a free estradiol and free testosterone level done (best between 8-10AM). The choice of preventative medication is not significantly altered by this pattern of migraine. What is important is: how much disability do you experience?


    I would consult with a Migraine and headache expert for preventive treatments, of which there are many. There's a link to our directory of recommended specialists below if you need it.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


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Published On: November 06, 2007