I think I experience ice pick headaches?

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    I think I experience ice pick headaches. Stress can cause me to feel a sharp warm stabbing pain in the back of my head. I have had them for years, quite irregularly, it depends on my stress levels. I am 19 at the moment and the last major occurrence was when I was collecting my AS results. My friends were worried and thought my facial expression suggested a stroke.


    It has a extremely warm feeling that expands and seems to cover the left upper portion of my head with a feeling of a crippling squeeze. It can last a few seconds or longer, but the longer it lasts the longer it takes for me to gain what seems to be temporary loss of motor control on the right side of my face, including my tongue: so I find it difficult to not slur and lift it.

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    Should I worry about that considering it affects my motor functions after? Hayley.


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    Dear Hayley;


    Ice pick headaches don't affect motor functions. Nor do they occur as you describe. They last only a few seconds, and they simply don't cause the symptoms you describe. You can read more about them in Ice Pick Headaches - The Basics.


    Unexplained headache and accompanying symptoms should always be checked out. Please see your doctor. You definitely need to find out what's causing these symptoms.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert




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