11/20/07 #5 - Why don't researchers work together?

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    Why don’t researchers with all different ideas about migraines work together with groups of different people suffering from different types of migraines to find commonalities? I belong to a chat group for migraine sufferers and have learned so much. In fact, there was a recent study, that I’m sure that millions of dollars were spent on, that found that a very high percentage of people with migraines sufferers also had depression. To anyone in our group that is a given.


    Migraines not only cause sensitivity to light and sound but also to touch, taste and smell. What about research concerning sensory perception, visual disturbances, and the sinuses shutting down? Why aren’t there groups of the tops scientists in each field working together on these things? I don’t understand.

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    Thank you, Mindy.




    Dear Mindy;


    Researchers DO work with their patients (and learn from them) every day. How do you think that information of the comorbidity of depression and migraine came to be? And millions were not spent on that study! First off, studies have to be funded by someone. Governments do not have headaches and migraines high on their priority list for funding. Pharmaceutical industry has a specific agenda regarding medications and their uses for migraines, so they are not totally unbiased. We need some one like you, and other migraine sufferers to agitate for more research funding from the NIH in the area of migraine. That would be very, very positive, and there is such an initiative in the planning states now. Please see Headache on the Hill Report, then get in touch with Teri Robert to see how you can get involved.


    Thank you for your interest in this area.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


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Published On: November 20, 2007