Can my coworker really have migraines that badly and do all she does?

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    I work with a lady who says she has migraines almost everyday. Although she drives to work in the sun, she sets under fluorescent lighting everyday and she wears earphones with music so loud you can hear it when you walk by, can she really have "migrane" that badly and still be able to do all this? Sharon.


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    Dear Sharon;


    We'll begin our answer to you with some facts:

    • Some 3.2 million Americans have chronic migraine, which means they have a headache or migraine at least 15 days per month. Many of them have them daily.
    • Sun and fluorescent lighting are triggers and problems for some migraineurs, but not all. Some have no problems with them.
    • As with sun and fluorescent lighting, loud sounds don't bother all migraineurs, just some.
    • Migraine pain and other symptoms can vary in intensity from mild to severe.

    The sad fact is that we have no treatments that work for everyone. Some people find effective treatments in a relatively short period of time. For others, it can take years. Some migraines are so debilitating that people are bedbound. Others aren't that severe, and people are able to function.

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    Many people push themselves to go to work despite daily migraines because they need the job. What those migraineurs need is the support and understanding of those around them. That's a really tough life.


    Thanks for your question,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert



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