Would Lupron help, make my migraines worse, or not affect me at all?

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    I have migraine almost everyday. I am currently on Imitrex and I get Botox injections by my neurologist.

    I have abnormal cycles which seem to be triggering the migraines more, so one of my MDs suggested I try Lupron to help stop my cycles all together. My question is will the treatment of Lupron make the migraines worse? Or will it not affect me at all?  Gabby.


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    Dear Gabby;


    Oh, what we'd give to have a crystal ball and fortune-telling abilities! Unfortunately, we don't, and there's just no way to predict what would happen with Lupron treatment. It could help reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines, or have no impact, or it could make your migraines worse.

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    One issue to be sure to discuss with your doctor before trying Lupron is which form to use. Some forms are injected monthly or every three months. This could be problematic if the Lupron makes your migraines worse. We're not saying it's not worth trying. As with any treatment you're considering, talk with your doctor, and weigh the potential benefits and risks.


    An additional note here - do you know your other triggers? Some may be avoidable. Here are some links to help with trigger identification:

    Thanks for your question,

    David Watson, MD, and Teri Robert


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Published On: August 22, 2014