1/28/08 #2 - Any evidence that drinking water will abort a Migraine?

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    I have suffered from Migraines since I was 13 years old, and  have tried many different medications. Oddly, the most reliable and effective medication I have found is a relatively high dose of Ibuprofen (1,000 or 1,200 mg). Last night I got up at about 3 in the morning because I couldn’t sleep. Shortly after, I began seeing the tell-tale Auras (shimmer shapes) appear in my vision. I ate some food (so I could take the usual Ibuprofen), and poured a large glass of water because I was unusually thirsty. I drank the whole glass and then noticed that the Auras seemed not to be getting any bigger, as they usually do. Soon I couldn’t see them at all and I never developed any Migraine pain. Later in the morning after I got to work I began to see the Auras again; I decided to try drinking a lot of water again to see what would happen, and to my utter astonishment the same thing happened: the Auras did not grow any bigger but instead shrunk and vanished, and I never developed the migraine pain! Today I've been doing research to see if this has happened to other people, because I would LOVE to be able to treat my migraines with a large glass or bottle of water instead of 1000mg of Ibuprofen. I'm hoping its not just some weird fluke. Is there any research that suggests this treatment actually works for other people? Lance.

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    Dear Lance;


    No, there is no evidence that drinking water can abort a Migraine or keep it from developing farther if you drink water during the aura phase. There is, however, ample evidence that dehydration can be a Migraine trigger. You can find more about dehydration as a trigger in Dehydration – an Avoidable Migraine Trigger.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


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Published On: January 28, 2008