6/9/08 #8 - Basilar Migraines, limp muscles, tremors?

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    I have been having what a doctor calls basilar migraine's, my symptom's are this, I get weak when I get hot, my muscles go limp, I really don't pass out, cause I can hear and feel everything. I do this for about 10 minutes, and I do have tremoring on my right side, and then the back of my neck and head really hurt, and the top and front of my head hurt too, it takes me a couple of days to get over the headache. But I never know when this is going to happen, the only thing I can tell is when I get to hot. My speech is slurred and I have notice a new symptom, that the right side of my jaw and mouth draws, like a stroke, I have no energy do to anything. After all this I feel really drained. Shelia.

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    Dear Shelia;


    The symptoms you describe are not typical of Basilar-Type Migraine (BTM). See Basilar-Type Migraine - The Basics for more information about BTM.


    What you say about your muscles going limp, but being able to hear and feel everything isn't completely clear. This could be a type of seizure, or it could be motor weakness. The only type of Migraine that causes true motor weakness is hemiplegic Migraine (HM). You can find more information about HM in Hemiplegic Migraine - The Basics.


    Your best course of action would be to see a Migraine specialist for a second opinion of your diagnosis and a good treatment plan. If you need help finding a specialist, you'll find a link below for our directory of patient recommended specialists.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert



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Published On: June 08, 2008