How do you balance your depression meds against your migraines?

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    How do you balance your depression meds against your migraines?

    I have been to 5 neurologists for treatment for my migraines. I have now found out that my treatment for my depression is making my migraines worse. So I am trying to balance my migraines against my depression. I am still getting more than 6 migraines a month, better than before but certainly not what I want. My depression is just under control. I have tried every drug there is for both my depression and my migraines. They either don't work or the side effects bother my asthma or my heart. I recently found out that the soy milk I was having for breakfast was causing my estrogen to rise. Something I figured out after having menstrual problems. Going off of It has also helped with the migraine I usually get before my period. I just wish I could find a good doctor that would help me work through all this stuff and not get frustrated with me. I have seen quite a few doctors and they usually through up their hands in frustration. Those that don't tell me that I have researched the problem more than they have. I would like some support but don't know where to turn. Sweetbeni.

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    Dear Sweetbeni,


    The short answer to your question is short, but not necessarily simple: Find a good Migraine specialist and have that specialist coordinate with the doctor who treats you for depression.


    It's important to know that, even though it's easy and understandable to feel that you've "tried every drug there is," in the case of Migraine, that's literally not possible. There are over 100 medications that can help prevent Migraine, and virtually limitless combinations of them. Take a look at Migraine preventive medications: too many options to give up! for more information and a list of potential preventives. Yes, your situation is complicated by depression and other conditions, but it CAN be addressed.


    There ARE Migraine specialists who will work as a partner with you and the doctor who treats you for depression to find an effective treatment regimen. You can find some of those doctors in our listing of patient recommended Migraine and headache specialists.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert



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Published On: July 21, 2008