Migraine medication tolerance, migraines affecting personality?

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    I am 40 year old male with a family history of migraines.

    I quickly build a tolerance to medications to treat the headaches. Is this normal? The other part of my question is can the pain affect my personality? A lot of the pain settles behind my eye. I find a patch keeping out all light helps. Is this true for anyone else? Janek.




    Dear Janek,


    You don't specify what type of medications you're having a problem with. There are different types of medications used to treat Migraines. It is possible and "normal" to build a tolerance to some medications, but it usually happens over an extended period of time, not quickly. For a better understanding of the types of medications used for Migraine, see Preventive, Abortive, and Rescue Medications - What's the Difference?

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    If you have three or more Migraines a month, or if your Migraines are especially severe and/or debilitating, talk with your doctor about preventive treatment. Migraine abortive medications such as the triptans -- Imitrex, Maxalt, Zomig, etc. -- are generally recommended rather than pain medications when you get a Migraine. These medications work to stop the Migrainous process in the brain, thus stopping the pain and other associated symptoms. Pain medications cannot stop the Migraine; they can only mask the pain for a few hours.


    "Personality" or mood can indeed be affected by a Migraine attack. During a Migraine, Migraineurs can experience mood swings, anxiety, panic, anger, and other mood issues because a Migraine impacts the levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine. These issues may last through the postdrome stage of the Migraine, but should resolve after that. Take a look at Anatomy of a Migraine for more information.


    Photophobia, increased sensitivity to light, is a very common Migraine symptom. That's why many Migraineurs retreat to a dark room during a Migraine


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert



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Published On: July 21, 2008