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    epilepsy and migraine

    i have epilepsy, now controlled and bih which the pressure is ok at the minute. i have now been diagnosed with migraine. i am extremely light sensitive. i see rays coming out everywhere. the aura is very similar to the seizure aura except my eye lid goes heavy. i just want to be sure i have been diagnosed properly. i can have auras up to 8 times a day. usually with light. headaches are in the morning. i take voltoral for these. since going on citalopram i have improved. its between one and 3 times a day. i get neck pain with it. are these symptoms compliant with migraine. i have never been told migraine before off the neurologist. Fran.

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    Dear Fran;


    That many Migraine auras in one day would be highly unusual, but that's not to say you're not having Migraines. The symptoms you list could be Migraine, but nobody can confirm that via the Internet. If you're uncertain of the diagnosis, get a second opinion. If you need to find a Migraine specialist, there's a link below to our listing of patient recommended specialists.


    If you are experiencing Migraines, have the doctor who ends up treating you for Migraine consult with the doctor treating you for epilepsy. Many medications used to treat epilepsy are also good for preventing Migraines.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert



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