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    I am 30 and been having headaches/migraines for 15 years. I have been to countless of docs and been on countless of meds. Headaches average 7-10 daily. Nothing works, nothing helps.

    Medications: Midrin, Fioricet with codeine 30mg, Percocet 5mg, Ultram 50mg, Frova, Topamax, Valium (to sleep and to stop grinding teeth) for TMJ, I do grind my teeth a lot. I had an cat scan done in september, found nothing. Then I got pregnant at the first of October. While I was pregnant the headaches were better. Averaging 2-4 daily. Then I had a miscarriage the beginning of November. My d&c was performed on 11/14 and within a day my headaches were back to 8-10 like before. I went to my neuro on monday and he wanted to put me on topamax but I said no because I want to keep my body clean for when we start trying again in February. So then he said I should go for a MRI even though the cat scan showed nothing. And then blood work to check my thyroid. I also had an ultrasound done on my neck because he said he hears something weird when he listens to my neck. I just feel this is all pointless. Maybe its my hormones. Some people even my neuro said it could be from stress or the "battlefield in my mind". I exercise at least 3 times a week, when I can. But even exercise makes me have headaches. I pray, meditate. I don't feel that stressed. And please we all have some stress especially around the holidays. Need some opinions please I don't know if I should go for these additional tests. My finances are running short. jen883.

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    Dear Jen;


    From your description of the chain of events, it does sound as if hormone fluctuations may play a large role in triggering your Migraines. You might also consider how much your teeth grinding may be triggering your Migraines. Some patients have success with a night guard or NTI-TSS ( appliance to stop the grinding.


    As for the tests -- If you've never had an MRI or if it's been several years, it's something to consider. We run a thyroid panel (TSH, Free T3, Free T4) on most patients because thyroid issues can significantly impact headache and Migraine.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert



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