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    I have had severe migraines since the age of 8. Thats what my doc called them,confused migraines. Since the age of 8 I would get, without any warning mind blowing server pain in my head all sides and back of the head, I would have slurred speech, Numbness in the hands and legs. Turn automaically freezing cold and need hot blankets around me and ice packs on my head. Extreme pain in back of eyes. Temples at the side of my head throbbing to an extent I think my head will explode.


    I would sleep from 1 hours to 5 days without waking up. If I did wake up I would not remember anything, I would talk to family and strangers,shout at them,talk total rubbish to them and not remember even meeting them afterwards.

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    I have lost so much time out of school did not pass many exam etc. I am 33 now, Have lost 20-30 jobs I have been arrested twice and held overnight in a cell as police thought i was drunk or on drugs. I wasnt fined or convicted as i got letter from my doc to explain my situation.


    I have been on every tablet from 8 ys of age till now im on Keppra. Which has calmed these attacks for a few years. But at the end of the day I cant hold down a job as I would lose 2-3 weeks of work and bosses think im crasy for talkin rubbish to them and co-workers without cause. I have struggled through life with embarresment from school years to discos to job prospects.


    I'm wondering does anyone out there ever heard of my condition, I would travel to the end of the world to meet a top neurologist or anybody at this stage even a witch doctor mite be able to help me. I live in Ireland and for 25 years I have not found any answers, I get extreme nose bleeds aswell when i get them, My doctors told me youll grow out of it, 25 years later I have'nt, When you turn 21 your body changes, I still have it after 21, You need to relax and go for a walk or a run and you'll be grand. Didnt work.


    Is there any doctor out there besides Ireland thats has a new fresh way of thinking on my conditon instead of these irish doctors. I have done eeg's brain scans,mri's exrays,Gave up sweets choclate coke orange everthing as a child,coffee etcetc and stil no good.I would appreciate any help. Thank you tim from Ireland.




    Dear Tim;


    The "gold standard" for diagnosing Migraine and other headache disorders is the International Headache Society's International Classification of Headache Disorders, 2nd Edition (ICHD-II). "Confusion Migraines" is not a standard diagnosis under ICHD-II and not a type of Migraine we're familiar with, so it's difficult to know what type of information to offer you.


    We can offer you recommendations of doctors outside Ireland as you requested. The closes for you would be specialists in London. You can find a listing of specialists, complete with their contact information, in our directory of Patient Recommended Migraine and Headache Specialists.


    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert


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