Do you know of doctors using Propofol in New England?

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    I have a 15-year-old daughter with a 2-year chronic daily headache. We have seen multiple excellent physicians and she has had the following: 1) posterior fossa decompression for Chiari I malformation 2) occipital c4 fusion for cranial settling and most recently a 21 day stay at Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute. Multiple IV protocols and abortives were tried after withdrawal from narcotic meds. She has been tried on DHE, Thorazine, Benadryl, Toradol, Doxycycline to name a few as well as oral Indocin, Midrin, Baclofen, Flexeril, Maxalt, Zomig, Elavil, Effexor to name a few. Currently on Neurontin, Keppra, clonezapam, with Vistaril and Anaprox as needed. She has had no headache relief except approx 10 hours post lumbar puncture. She also has had physical therapy, acupuncture, myofascial release and massage therapy. I also take her to a cognitive behavioral therapist for better coping, stress etc. She currently has what I would categorize as a poor quality of life, does not attend school etc. Upon discharge it was recommended that she pursue options such as sympathetic ganglion block, cervical epidural. They were not able to do in Michigan as she cannot take versed and that was their only option. (her current pain doc does not want to try these options) My question is related to your article on Propofol for headache treatment. I am interested because during invasive cranial traction prior to fusion she received this med and was headache free. Is this treatment readily available? Do you know of its use in New England? Would both the blocks and the Propofol treatment be available if I were to bring her to Texas (in the event you do not know of colleagues in my area?) As you can probably deduct, I am feeling a little desperate as she wants to go to school and rejoin the human race but with a 9-10 out of 10 headache, this has not been possible.

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    Thanks, Gail.


    Dear Gail;

    The Propofol story is unique to my practice and observations. I don’t know of anyone in New England who gives this medication.

    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz

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