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    When I was 17 years old my doctor diagnosed me as having migraines. I hate taking any kind of medication, and I've tried every type of remedy (icepacks, changing eating habits, etc.) but only to find that they don't work for me. I just started taking Imitrex and Elavil (the original medication he prescribed me) again. My migraines can last for 4 hours to a record of 9 days. I've never had a CT scan (or know what it is). Do you think that is something I should look into doing? Sa'Lena.


    Dear Sa'Lena;

    What has your doctor said about a CT scan? It's rather like an x-ray, but gives more detail. They're not always run for Migraineurs, and when they are, it's to rule out other conditions such as tumors, aneurysm, or stroke.
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    Such tests typically don't show anything particular in Migraineurs. There are no tests that can even confirm Migraine. It's really impossible for us to know if it would be appropriate or helpful in your case, but it's a perfectly reasonable question for you to ask your doctor.

    Nobody wants to take medication, but once we realize and accept that Migraine is actually a neurological disease, it's often easier to accept needing to take medications.

    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: April 08, 2007