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    I have a disabled friend who has severe migraines. I asked him if he had tried Botox as I'd heard that sometimes Botox is an effective treatment when all else has failed. When he asked his doctor about it, he discouraged him. On the forum, I've been told that Botox is only helpful for tension headaches. I was wondering what your opinion was regarding the use of Botox for severe migraines. As I said he's had these for years and has tried many therapies and meds. My friend, by the way, doesn't use a computer so I'm asking on his behalf. Nancy.


    Dear Nancy;

    It appears that you've missed some more informative forum threads about Botox and we perhaps didn't catch some misinformation that you were given there. Botox doesn't work for every Migraineur, but then, nothing does.
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    The best thing your friend can do is to consult a headache and Migraine specialist to see of Botox might be of help to him. You didn't say what kind of doctor he's currently seeing.

    Here's an article about Botox that should be helpful,

      Intradermal Botox To Treat Pain Disorders
      We've all heard a lot about Botox, botulinum Toxin Type A (BoNTA). It seems as if it's being used for something different every day. There are both cosmetic and medical applications for it. In the right hands, Botox is very helpful. Research into the most effective ways to use Botox for headache and Migraine treatment continues and is promising. Here, we'll take a look at research performed by John Claude Krusz, Ph.D., M.D., and William R. Knoderer, M.D., D.D.S., in Dallas.

    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: April 08, 2007